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AudiCoupe Quattro (B2) UnknownWhite- -
AudiCoupe Quattro (B2) UnknownWhite- -
BMW3.5 CSL UnknownBlue- Hong Kong
BMWM1 UnknownPurple- China
BMWM3 (E30) UnknownGold- China
BMWM3 (E30) UnknownWhite- China
BMWM3 (E30) UnknownYellow- China
BRMH16 F1 UnknownBrownR-107 B.R.M. H16 G.T.
ChevroletCamaro '82 UnknownGold- Hong Kong
ChevroletCamaro '82 UnknownGold- China
ChevroletCorvette '68 Stingray C3 UnknownDark Blue- China
De LoreanTime Machine #2 UnknownSilver- -
De TomasoPantera UnknownGreen- China
DomeZero UnknownBlue- -
Ferrari308 GTB UnknownWhite- China
Ferrari512 BB UnknownRed- China
Ferrari512 BB UnknownRed- China
Ferrari512 BB UnknownSilver- -
Ferrari512 BB UnknownSilver/Black- China
Ferrari512 BB UnknownSilver/Green- China


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